Jul 03

Release note


🌟️ inline Important Notice

In order to improve merchant’s user experience while using the app, users will no longer be able to edit or delete reservations from September 30th, 2020 or earlier after this inline version update. Furthermore, while merchants will no longer be able to edit, you may rest assured that this will not affect the viewing of past reservations and the compiling of monthly statistics.


🌟New features

Support add/edits on Note Feature

You can add/edit Note Feature on each reservation. You can also customize your own usual Notes. All changes will align with the Hostapp.

Support add/edits on Tag Feature

You can add/edit Tag Feature on each reservation. You can also customize your top 5 Tags. All changes will align with the Hostapp.

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

  • Adjusted UI strings
  • Fixed the issue that the edited reservation time didn’t show in reservation activity log
  • Fix the issue of showing error on creating panel when finish creating a new reservation in desktop viewport


🌟New features

Today’s Note


🌟New features

Booking lists are now more complete

  • Icons are added to bookings that were made online to show where guests booked from.
  • A blue dot will appear next to new bookings.

The deposit status will be shown for bookings

This version optimizes the display of the deposit tags to show complete deposit statuses on both desktop and mobile versions.

🌟 In addition, we have also made some optimization in this version.

  • The overall interface is optimized.
  • Some important information will now be displayed in bigger and bold text for easier reading and recognition.


🌟New features

Lists page can now show onsite customers

Web version of the inline app supports displaying onsite customer on the lists page!In 2.7.0, can now view daily onsite customer from the webpage, and assign table for onsite customers.(Modifying and viewing customer details, and viewing seated or seating status are currently not supported. Sorry for the inconvenience)


🌟New features

User permission management

🎉🎉Web version of inline will roll out user permission management feature!🎉🎉

In this new version we have focused on adding user permission management feature, which will be used in Add / Modify / Delete reservation, and table assignment the settings will be applied directly to the web version, as long as you have setup User permission management in your inline app, safer and secure in reservation management.

User selection on desktop version:

Input user password on desktop version:

We have added a feature in the mobile version to remember users. If you have selected a user, you will see a profile photo from the top right corner. Once selected there is no need to reconfirm user or reselect user. Fast and easy control from your cellphone!

User selection on mobile version:

Note: Hosts must enable user permission management feature from inline app, and allow permission to Add/Edit/Delete reservation and Assign table, for the feature to be displayed on the webpage. If this function is not enabled the related information will not be displayed.

🌟 In addition, we have also made some optimization in this version.

  • Fixed the problem of the status display of deposit label
  • Fixed the problem where switching quickly between different reservation dates will display in incorrect date.