Oct 09

Release note


🌟️ inline Important Notice

In order to improve merchant’s user experience while using the app, users will no longer be able to edit or delete reservations from September 30th, 2020 or earlier after this inline version update. Furthermore, while merchants will no longer be able to edit, you may rest assured that this will not affect the viewing of past reservations and the compiling of monthly statistics.

📢 Software Support Update

Please note that version 5.21.0 and above is not supported on iPad iOS 10 and iOS 11. Kindly update the iOS version at the earliest.
Should you face any issue with updating the iOS due to the iPad model, you are advised to purchase a newer iPad model to experience inline’s services to the fullest.

🌟New Features

Improved POS Integration – Display Customer Purchase Amount🎉

In version 5.28.0, inline is rolling out a new feature that, along with POS system integration, allows restaurants to see customer’s purchase amount.
Through the customer card in the reservation list, restaurants can now check a customer’s total purchase amount and single visit purchase amount.

Besides the reservation list, you can also access single visit purchase amounts through customer profiles by clicking the customer’s avatar.
With customer’s purchase amount readily available, restaurants can now quickly monitor every customer’s purchasing power and loyalty, while enhancing service quality and CRM!

Note: This feature is only available for merchants that have integrated their POS systems with inline. For support of this feature, please contact your POS service provider and provide us the purchase amount after clearing tables.

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • For optimization, the “Today” list will now only display untreated reservations from the past 14 days.
    • Fixed the issue that the audio may not be uploaded correctly
    • Show the hint when the merchant try to charge the deposit but the subAccount hasn’t set up a password
    • Add the cancel button on the transfer reservation view to avoid the customer data be merged accidentally
    • Other feature optimization and bug fixes


🌟New Features

Display the discount amount on the order detail and ticket if the order uses a promotion code

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fix the revenue calculation:
      • Exclude the order if its state is cancelled or customer cancelled and its payment method is paid on-site
      • Exclude the order if its state is new
      • Exclude the refunding and refunded amount
    • After creating a subAccount, show the prompt to the merchant to tell them to turn on the permission control for the new subAccount
    • Some bugs have been banished


🌟New Features

Orders overview with just a glance on the calendar!

The total number of orders will be shown clearly on each day. Upcoming orders in the 7 days will be listed on the right side of the panel too.

Toggle and Control Between Takeaway and Delivery Availability

We have built a new feature for you to control the availability for takeaway and/or delivery for the day of operation. The availability will be turned back on at 6am of the following day.

Daily Summary and Statistical Report

We have implemented a reporting feature into the app allowing you to monitor the statistics and numbers on a daily basis. What you can see in the report:
1. Total Sales Amount
2. Total Number of Order
3. Total Number of Cancellation and Reasons
4. Total Refunded Amount and Reasons
5. Top 3 Ordered Item (Calculated based on the frequency of the item is ordered in each order, not the total quantity)

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Some bugs have been banished


🌟New Features

Execute full or partial refunds on orders.

With the latest version, you now have the flexibility in executing the refund, in full or partial, to the patrons on any orders. The refund will not affect and cancel the order, too.

Improved Order Acceptance Process

1. New orders created will have different colour codes to differentiate the pick-up/delivery date. Orange for today’s order; Blue for orders in the future days.

2. When new orders are received, you may now exit the screen before accepting the order, and accept it later on the “New” tab.
This could reduce the disturbance caused by the new orders, especially when you are working on other modules with inline app.

3. In the “Preparing” tab, we have broken down two categories – “Pickup in an hour” and “Pickup later”, allowing you to better manage the delivery time.

4. In “Ready” tab, we have also categorized the “Takeout” and “Delivery” orders into different sections for you to navigate easily.

5. “History” tab allows you to look for all past orders that are picked up and cancelled.

Wonder how many times the patron has ordered with you?

Identify and know who your loyal guests are. You can now identify them with the indicator underneath of the contact number and send them a thank you note or a freebie maybe?

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Some bugs have been banished


🌟New Features

Offer FREE item/s with a Minimum Purchase Amount

Newly launched feature to offer free item/s to your customer when a minimum purchase amount is achieved. Entice your customers with freebies to spend more with you online!

Proceed to backend at myinline.com > Online Ordering > Promotion Settings to set up now!

For clarity and ease of preparation, the free item/s will be displayed as part of the order on the host app.

Support additional setup for free delivery with minimum order amount.

You may proceed to backhouse at myinline.com > Online Ordering > General Settings to set up the free delivery threshold.


🌟New Features

Can manage the future order

To arrange the future order period, please contact with inline, We will adjust it for you.

Support the ticket printer to print the order detail after accepting the order
To use the order printing function, please contact with inline,
We will provide you with installation process and a detailed explanation.

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fix the default ready time when accept the order.
    • Don’t show new takeout/delivery order notifications and new order popup, if the device has switched to another branch.


🌟New Features

Support the meal bundles in the order

The merchant can see the auto matched carrier status

The merchant can see the payment status when it’s authorized, charged, cancelled or refunded

The merchant can mark the order

The merchant can make the note on the order

The merchant can filter the menu items by the keyword on the menu setting page

Play the sound when there is a new order via bluetooth

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fix the issue that the estimated ready time should be matched to the user entered time
    • Adjust the displayed payment status
    • Show the confirm alert when the merchant try to change to manual carrier


🌟New Features

Support to match the delivery carrier automatically.

Can view the takeout list on the selected date.

Show the expected arrival time when the patron ordered on the takeout detail view.

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Show the order is ASAP or with the expected time.
    • Refine the open link button layout.


🌟New Features

Patron can select the order is for “takeout” or “delivery” when making an order

Merchant is required to give an estimated meal-ready time when accepting an order. The system will use that time and +30 minutes to send to patrons in SMS, at this stage

Merchants can charge patrons with “consumer tax” (GST) and service fee

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Adjust the customer card view layout issue and adjust the localization


🌟New Features

Takeout menu management

Display the takeout payment info


🌟New Features

Takeout management


🌟New Updated

Support to mark the prepay as “Pending Refund” and “Refunded”

In Deposit Management page, the merchant can mark a paid payment as “Pending Refund”. with a digit panel to enter refund amount. Merchant can also mark a “Pending Refund” payment as “Refunded” to efficiently record the deposit status.

*Notes: Refunds are not yet supported for direct refund transaction from the system. This feature is only for merchant to mark deposit status for easy viewing of records*

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fixed the issue that the focused reservation is not the one clicked from notification center.


🌟New Updated

Show the transaction note on the reservation detail and booking list cell.

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fixed an issue that the customer notes didn’t refresh on the customer card in Reservation Detail View if the notes for customer was updated in Customer Profile Page.
    • Fixed an issue that navigating to a reservation from searching results in Spotlight sometimes took too long, or even didn’t work.
    • Fixed an issue that the source icon didn’t show correctly.
    • Fixed an issue that the keyboard would dismissed when user was editing the customer note.
    • Optimized the permission accounts selection popover UI in Timeline View.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes the deposit didn’t show in Deposit management.
    • Fixed an issue that user could not tap the edit button on the custom reservation note editor.
    • When a queuing is confirmed, remain notified time instead of changing to confirmed time on queuing cell in order to avoid misunderstanding.
    • Fix an false alert when re-assign the reservation table on the Quick Select Table View.


🌟We have fixed some errors

    • Fixed the issue where the table is shown on the quick select table but it would be used by the booking.
    • Fixed the UI issue that the take seat button isn’t shown on the midnight booking.
    • Fixed the issue that the app should check the authentication after entering the app.


🌟New Updated

    • 🇰🇷🇰🇷Support Korean🇰🇷🇰🇷
    • Display the transaction receipt with full screen.

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Show the branch list that user has permission to access.
    • Fix some of the known crash issues existing in previous versions.


🌟New Updated

When the group sharing setting is enabled, every in-store visit record of the guest can be viewed at the guest detail page.

Now, when the group sharing is enabled for a brand, simply click on the profile photo of the guest to display the details page, there it will show the guests visit record of the brand within the group.:

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fixed the issue of the UI display on some iOS13 devices.
    • Fixed the issue where sometimes the table status chart is not consistent in the history record and reservation list.
    • Fix the incorrect weekday of the calendar when the locale is not Taiwan.
    • When editing a reservation and attempt to tap other places outside the creation form, a warning will show.


🌟New Updated

When modifying the length of the dining time on the timeline screen, user permission management will popup.

From the timeline screen of the reservation page, the system will now automatically popup user permission management page when modifying the dining time of guests, must select from the user list before saving the modified dining time, any modification made will be shown in the history record.

Today’s list on the table map will display the icon of the reservation platform.

From now on, no matter which platform the reservation is made, the platform information will be displayed with an icon on today’s list of the reservation page.

When selecting the time on the table map it will switch to the table status of the selected time.

On the table map screen, click anywhere on the timeline past or future, will provide a preview of the guest table status, allowing easy table management for the restaurant.

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fixed the error message display for the restaurant when the deduction from the guest failed.
    • Repeating calls under queue mode, when the restaurant is calling the number, queue status will correctly become [notified] .
    • Under [unlimited] dining time, when the table is cleared, will correctly display empty table status.
    • Fixed the problem where 0 person reservation will appear.


🌟New Updated

inline is introducing an all new queue status calling system, with large queuing status board.

Turns out queuing can also be easy and professional~

From now on, in addition to the current phone calling notification mode, restaurants can choose to use repeat calling mode, with the tv display queuing status board. Lets you call the same group of guest without limit. When the number is called, the board will flash the queue number and voice broadcast at the same time: [Guest number 001, please report to the front desk to be seated] suitable for restaurants with large queues.

1. Restaurants can make unlimited queue calls, and syncs with the queuing status board.

Replacing the old one time queue calling limit, with the queuing status board app, restaurants can make unlimited queue calls, and provide real-time sync with the queuing status board, check which queues are showing up on the board. With voice queue broadcast, never have to worry about customers not returning!

2. With the professional queuing status board

The all new and improved queuing status board 2.0, can display queues according to the number of guests and in addition voice broadcast the queues, allowing customers queuing on-site receive the latest queuing status.

3. Can install self-service ticketing machine, queuing without registering by hand

Queuing can also be paired with self-service ticketing machine for customers, saving restaurants the cost of hiring staff to register at the front. Simply, just need to setup one tablet and one ticketing machine, to allow self-service queuing for customers, allowing faster and easier queuing.

Show the third party member type on customer profile view

From now on, customer profile view will display the membership level of the restaurant/store:

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Show the third party member type on customer profile view
    • The restaurant can call the patron via phone call once, and many times via the wait status board
    • Show the large avatar image on the customer profile, reservation detail, and customer card
    • Sort the customer language picker
    • Adjust the table size displaying if the minSize is undefined
    • Use api to update the estimated waiting time of the branch status
    • Fix the crash issue when the customer tag without background color
    • Fix the crash when multiple threads access the daily indices cache
    • Fix the takeOutManager crash issue due to switching the branch
    • Fetch the reservations from coredata to check duplicate reservation
    • Dismiss the highlight view when selecting a VIP customer with email only
    • Fix the reservation state and UI status when it was added back


🌟New Updated

History record can now view the complete list of dynamic reservation records

By clicking on the reservation status of reservation details page and history record will now open a dynamic record page:

View detailed dynamic record directly from the history record:

Online reservation display image source changed to inline

Changed the icon displayed on the online reservation from Chrome to inline:

Improve the display of the reservation file uploading status

Modified the icon of file uploading and added descriptions:

Unify the time display rule of customers visit record

Unified the time display rules in guest’s visit record:

Facing various dining status (reservation, waitlist or on-site), customer reservation time will be displayed correctly:

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fixed the problem where the app crashes when seating guests on the timeline
    • Fixed the problem where host is unable to modify the flexible finish time of the reservation
    • Fixed the problem where under some circumstances the reservation label is unable to display correctly
    • Fixed the problem where only phone numbers with +86 area code receives prompts about waitlist status being only available via SMS notification
    • Fixed the problem where table number is not displayed correctly when searching for the reservation
    • Fixed the problem where sometimes dynamic record is unable to open correctly when selecting modify reservation time
    • Fixed the problem where the deposit amount is not displayed under deposit management

🌟In the past few weeks our engineering team is working hard on making the inline app more stable and optimizing the data synchronization speed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. Thank you for your continued support and advice for inline, we will continue to do our best in providing the best quality product and services!


📢 Ending support for iOS 10

Due to the new update of iOS 12,and to provide a more stable software service, we will be ending the support for iOS 10 devices on our future update versions. Please update to iOS 11 or above! Devices not supported for iOS 11 or above: iPad 2012 version.

🌟New Updated

Automatically sort customer tag

The Label option in customer profile will now sort automatically! (Symbol->Number->English->Chinese/other language) Customer tag will no longer be unorganized:

Selected label can now be arranged manually! By selecting [Edit] on the top right corner to start arranging the labels:

🌟In addition, we have fixed some errors

    • Fixed the problem where meal time length of customer will exceed the business hour limit
    • Fixed the problem where there is an error display when long pressing a table to drag in the table map
    • Fixed the problem where there is a calculation error of meal time after editing reservation

🌟In the past few weeks our engineering team is working hard on making the inline app more stable and optimizing the data synchronization speed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. Thank you for your continued support and advice for inline, we will continue to do our best in providing the best quality product and services!


🌟New Updated

    • Add permission on editing transaction amount
    • UI refinement to amount of children and highchair
    • Improve the performance on the daily shift planning view about calculating the remaining size of the header slots
    • Finetune the opening time hint label width of the daily and shift planning view

🌟 In the past few weeks our engineering team is working hard on making the inline app more stable and optimizing the data synchronization speed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. Thank you for your continued support and advice for inline, we will continue to do our best in providing the best quality product and services!


🌟New Features

Customers that made a reservation with country code +86 (China) will be notified by SMS instead of call notification, and their reservation will a label displayed.

Please remind customers who are using a China (+86) cellphone numbers, due to the voice mail size limit the system will automatically switch from call notification to SMS notification. Other reservation process will not be affected, you do not need to make any adjustments. Sorry for the inconvenience.

🌟In Addition, we have made some optimization in this version

We have added a timer on the reservation detail to track the meal time of each guests.

Whether in floor plan, list view, or timeline, simply open up any reservation and it will display the meal time length of the guest.

🌟Lastly, we have fixed some errors

    • Fixed the problem where the queue data cannot be updated when created without a name at the kiosk
    • Fixed the problem where the table status of find empty table and assign table is inconstant when modifying reservation information.
    • Fixed the problem where takeout orders are not displayed correctly.
    • Fixed the problem where Today’s list in the table map is displaying reservation of the previous day.
    • Fixed the problem where Today’s list in the table map have repeating cell.

🌟In the past few weeks our engineering team is working hard on making the inline app more stable and optimizing the data synchronization speed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. Thank you for your continued support and advice for inline, we will continue to do our best in providing the best quality product and services!


🌟New Features

Pre-select table number when guest on waitlist is set to reserved

We have made improvements for the features in this version of our reservation system. From now on, when a customer status is changed from waitlist to reserved, the restaurant can designate a table for them. Better table management, no overbooking!

Customer history record now includes icon of the reservation platform

To allow restaurants have a better grasp of the various online booking platforms, as long as the customers reservation are made online, the records will now include the icon of the online reservation platform!
Just open the customer information page, every detail of the customer record will be shown, such as visits, cancellation, and which online platform they made reservation from, flawless integration with top reservation platforms, fully grasp customers from every sources.

🌟In Addition, we have made some optimization in this version

    • Quick table search will now show table type label.
    • Shortened the description length of the deposit status for different languages

🌟 In the past few weeks our engineering team is working hard on making the inline app more stable and optimizing the data synchronization speed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. Thank you for your continued support and advice for inline, we will continue to do our best in providing the best quality product and services!


🌟New Features

New and improved table map is now online!

Improved waitlist interface on the table map! Not only can you see unseated guest lists, we have added seated, finished and cancelled tabs to easily manage the waitlist status.

New search features that allows you to look up waitlist by name or telephone number, quickly and easily without switching screens.

Reservation system now syncs using API

Many restaurants have responded to the problem where the information was not synced on the tablet. We have optimized the integrated data system, making the synchronization faster on the tablet. Greatly improved user experience and not miss out any reservation.

Added a refresh button on the future reservation screen

In addition to the reservation information being synced with API, we have added a refresh button next to the calendar date. Allowing restaurant to refresh the page if they felt the status is not up to date.

🌟 In addition, we have also made some optimization in this version

    • Daily list now shows cancelled queue
    • Tweaked the font of the amount displaying on the debit page
    • When loading the Version details page it will now display read status
    • Under the prepay section of Deposit management now supports pagination
    • The display range of upcoming reservation groups can be set individually for each restaurant branch

🌟 Lastly, we have fixed various bugs. Wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!


🌟New Features

Credit card binding

In addition to Prepay Deposit, we are now introducing credit card binding feature!

An option to mandatory bind credit card information of customers making an online reservation. When the customer is late or cancels the reservation, the restaurant can charge a percentage of the deposit fee. Not only will it greatly decrease the no-show rate, the quality of reservation management have greatly improved.

Restaurants can setup the terms of credit card binding at the backend, such as number of people and price. With the backend supporting multiple languages setup is a breeze.

Easily keep track of the latest deposit information on the iPad for every guest reservation. If the guest is late or cancel the reservation, it will notify the restaurant for deduction, the deduction amount can be customized, and the money can be safely controlled.

New mechanism to sync daily reservations

Ever have the times where the daily reservation are not loaded completely or not synchronized?With this new update we have added a complete optimization to the synchronization. We have added a refresh button at the top of the reservation page by the date, easily refresh the page at anytime.

Push notifications for Take-out support

For restaurant using the take-out features, you can now receive take-out related push notifications!

🌟In Addition, we have made some optimization in this version

    • Minor adjustment to the description of push notification settings
    • Optimized the performance of scrolling in timeline
    • Shortest meal time can now be adjusted to 15 minutes
    • Background color of the tags in reservation are now more visible
    • The timeline on the table map shifts in 5 minute increments
    • Changed “Available” to “Reservation Available” under find table
    • Adjusted the Usher list to only show reservations that are not seated from a day before
    • Table map now display reservations up to 3hrs of the next guest
    • Walk-in queue (without contact) now display the corresponding status icon in the list
    • Added “Estimated seating time” text to the keypad when modifying they seating time.

🌟Lastly, we have fixed a few bugs, thank you all for supporting inline!


🌟New Features

More language support

More languages to choose from when adding new customers! Now supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese. Once customer receives an SMS or answers the phone, the assigned language will be applied, allows the restaurant to have a better customer experience.

Collapsible business schedule / reservation control setting

Many restaurant owners have commented on the long display in the Business Schedules when there are over a dozen selections for business hours or online reservations.
In this version, we have adjusted the display by collapsing the older settings settings only allowing the current or future time schedule to show. If you need to view or edit the older lists simply expand the selection.

Collapsing older time schedules:

Expanding older time schedules:

New Permission Management features no need to re-enter password within a designated time

Are you tired of entering password every time you finish a task? Especially when you are performing multiple tasks? We have added a new feature [Under the same account, there is no need to re-enter password within the designated time], Allowing you to spend more time working without being interrupted to re-enter password~

🌟In Addition, we have made some optimization in this version

    • A warning will prompt if business setting overlaps
    • Show restaurant note on the deposit detail page
    • Adjust the display of customer title
    • Added “~” prefix before the Departure Time
    • Added more information icon in the customer card
    • Automatic clear table can now be controlled on the timeline to adjust meal time

🌟Lastly, we have fixed various bugs, hoping to provide smooth experience while using inline!


🌟New Features

Support for Japanese

inline app now supports service for Japanese language! Congratulations on another step towards internationalization.🎉

Check version details at the feedback menu

All you need to do is select the question mark icon on the left side and to see the current version information! If there is a new version update, you will be notified to update the software.

Customize push notification

On the previous version v.5.5.0 we introduced push notification feature. From this version on, we have perfected this feature – you can now customize the push notification in settings!

Go to [System Setting] -> [Notification options], from there you can enable or disable the push notification events, allowing you to receive the latest notification from different event, greatly increase management efficiency.

🌟In addition, we have also made some optimization in this version

    • Table arrangements requires permission
    • History record stats can switch between number of groups and people
    • Change the arrangement of take-out order list to sort by order time.
    • When assigning table number for future guests in the table map, will jump to the specified time.
    • Fixed an issue where status change will cause the guest canceled time to be overwritten.
    • When editing, if the selected table is unable to fit everyone, an alert will popup upon sliding.
    • At editing notes screen, commonly-used-notes are shown on top of the screen for easy selection

🌟Lastly, we have fixed some problems that caused the app to crash.