Process bookings and queuing, and seat guests faster

Smarter bookings

Is your staff fielding calls, jotting down bookings, and confirming tomorrow’s bookings all while trying to serve that guest that just walked in who is impatiently waiting to be seated better?

Don’t let manual bookings leave your staff frazzled and subject your guests to sub-par service. Automate with inline!

inline automatically notifies guests by text messages to confirm bookings and shows their responses in real-time. Instead of spending all that time calling customers, one glance at your iPad is all that’s required.

Manual bookings

  • Staff on standby to answer calls
  • Prone to errors
  • Misunderstandings due to unclear voice and background noise
  • Repeated calls to guests might be required

Bookings with inline

  • Automated calls  
  • Automated bookings 
  • No miscommunication 
  • Automated text messages to confirm bookings 

Automated queueing

Is taking down names and managing the queue the best use of your staff’s time during the busiest hours?

Notify guests automatically when their tables are nearly ready so that they can either confirm or give up their places in the queue.

Save up to 10x the time by automating queueing!

Increase your efficiency immediately!

Significantly reduce

  • Costs
  • Stress
  • Wait times
  • Mistakes

Significantly increase

  • Seated customers
  • Table turnover rate
  • Online bookings
  • Customer satisfaction
inline is the most powerful tool for restaurants in the world so far.

Leland Hsu, General Manager of Kanada

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